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This is a page about the history and the whole truth about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

History of the Jews in their land (Occupied Jews)
According to archiological and historical records and findings, a Jewish community was in the land of Israel since about -1200 BC. Archiological evidance support the claim that the government and Jewish political force that ruled that land was called "Yisrael" (ישראל, Israel), until it broke apart into two governmental forces: "Yisrael" and "Yehuda" (יהודה, Judah, Judea, Judaea, Iudaea). In -740 BC, the Assyrian empire took captivity over the Kingdom of Israel, and exiled it from their land. From historical accounts, the people of Israel did not return to the land of Israel. Judah stayed alone. From the name Judah (יהודה, Yehuda), the people received the name Jews, people of Judah (יהודים, Yahudim). In -586 BC, the Babylonian empire came into Judah, and exiled it's people to Babylon, while destroying the Temple of Jerusalem. In -538 BC, the Persian empire conquered the Babylonian empire, and let the Jews go back to their homeland, and to Jerusalem, as stated in the "Decree of Cyrus" (הצהרת כורש, Hats'harat Kuresh). Between -538 BC until -515 BC, most of the Jews finished returning to their homeland, and rebuilding the Second Temple of Jerusalem. The Jews were stll under a foreign occupation (the Persians).

In -332 BC, Alexander the Macedon (the Great) captured the land of Israel from the Persians, and started the Hellenistic occupation over the land of Israel. In -140 BC, the Jews received their second independence in the Hasmonean kingdom of Judah, but in -37 BC, the Roman Empire took down the Hasmonean kingdom and set Herod the Great to rule there.

In -4 BC, Herod the Great died, and his 4 sons tared the government apart into 4: Iudea province, Iudea proper (biblica; Judah), Samaria and Idumea (ancient Edom). In 6 AD, the Romans added all of those regions together to the Iudaea province, a Roman province.

On August 4, 70 AD, at the center of the Great Jewish Revolt, the Romans destroyed the Second Temple of Jerusalem, and sent half of the Jewish population into Exile.

In 135 AD, after the Bar Kochba revolt, the Romans sent all of the Jews into exile from their homeland.

Changing of the name
The Romans, in a try to erase any memory and evidance, changed the name of the region from Iudea, or Israel, into Syria Palaestina, after the ancient Minoan people living in the area by the name of Philistines.

Philistines, Hebrew פלשתים Plishtim, from the semitic rout P.L.SH (פלש) Palash, which means "Invaded". After the Roman empire fell, the Ottomans took control of the region, and they changed the name from "Palaestina" to the Turkish and Arabic sound of "Filistin".

When the Ottoman rule over the land of Israel collapsed, the British took control of the region and called it the "British Mandate of Palestine", driven from the Roman and Turkish word of Palaestina and Filistin. The official Jewish name of the land and of the mandate was המנדט הבריטי על פלשתינה (ארץ-ישראל) Ha'Mandat Ha'Briti al Palestina (Eretz Yisrael), "British Mandate over Palestina (Land of Israel)".

Recent History
In November 29, 1947, the United Nations Security Council presented a partition plan for Palestine (Land of Israel),… which presented a Jewish and Arab country within the borders of the British Mandate. Although the Jews received only 40% of their historical and anscestral land, they said YES to the suggestions, while the Arabs said NO and called 9 other countries and 11 military forces to attack the unprepered, and unarmed Jews. The attacking countries/militaries were Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Holy War Army (futurely the PLO), Arab Liberation Army (Army of the Arab League) and the Muslim Brotherhood (Mother organization of Hamas). This war was called the Israeli Independence War.

On May 14, 1948, while fighting, Israel declared it's independence in the borders agreed by the UN.

With 2 helicopters and no tanks, Israel won the war, and conquer some more land from it's promised and historical land. During the fight, the Arabs who lived in the area, ran away (under an order of the Arab League) to Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Egypt for refuge, but the Arab countries did not recognized them as refugees and did not gave them a status of citizens (except Jordan, who it's 2/3 of citizens are Palestinians, and the rest Bedouines).

In the meanwhile, Egypt ilegally captivated the Gaza strip, and Jordan ilegally captivated Judea and Samaria (and changed the name to the West Bank).

In 1959, the term Palestinian was invented by the Holy War Army, and they changed their name into the "Palestinian Liberation Organization". During those years between 1959 to 1967, the Palestinian Liberation Organization and Hamas, launched thousands of rockets and sent thousands of terrorist and exploding bombers, from the West Bank and Gaza Strip into Israel.

In 1967, Israel was attacked by 12 countries and the PLO from every direction. The attackers were Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Kuwait, Tunisia, Sudan and the PLO. Isreal won, in SIX DAYS, and captured back Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) from Jordan and the Gaza strip, from Egypt, also conquering Sinai and the Straits of Tiran from Egypt, and the Golan Heights from Syria.

Since 1948, there are 5000+ Israeli who were killed officialy by Palestinian hands, only from terrorist attacks.

Israel is NOT an apartheid state, it is a democratic, liberal country, that treated it's Arab citizens as any citizen of Israel, and they have the same right as any Jew, Christian, Muslim, Bahai, Buddhist, Rastafari, Hindu etc. The Arab Israelis have more rights in Israel then to any other Arab in any other Arab country. In Israel, Arab women have the right to drive, they can where what-ever they want, and they can have their own opinion and they have total freedom of speech. There are Arab judges in the Israeli justice system. There are Arab, and self-declared Palestinians, in the Israeli parliment and Government. To the Palestinian who live, outside what mose of the people call the Borders of Israel (the '67 borders) do not have Israeli citizenship, thus they are checked over in the road blocks to ensure the safety of Israel.
The "Occupation" should not be called like that. The term Occupation is "a control over a country by a hostile and foreign army". All of those categories don't apply to Israel. 1. There was never once in history a country by the name of "Palestine" or "Filastin". 2. The IDF is not a hostile military force. The IDF secures the borders and protects Israel from any threats against it, such as terrorist attacks, attack by a country, and smuggelin people and drungs into Israel. 3. The Israeli army is not a foreign military force. As presented on top, the Jewish people have in the land of Israel since before the term "Palestinian", "Arab", and the religions of Islam and Christianity.
Israel did not "Judaized" Jerusalem. How can the capital of the Jewish people, and the Jewish state can be Judaized?! It is exactly like saying that Washington D.C. was Americanized, or London was Englized, or Moscow was [[Russia|Russianized]. Also, I think it's hypocritical of the Palestinians to accuse Israel, and Zionism to cooperate wit the Nazis. Because, the Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husayni, met with Adolf Hitler in 1941, do discuss the "Jew problem of Palestine", and said that Allah is thankful for Hitler, because he is killing Jews.…
There are no '67 borders. Between 1948 to 1967, the "Green Line", a.k.a. '67 borders, (the territorial markings of Gaza Strip and the West Bank) was not an official border between Jordan, Syria and Egypt with Israel. Those lines were only truce lines that showed No-Man's land.
Israel is not the obsticle for Peace. From the beginning of Israel until now, Isral always said YES, and the Arabs and Palestinians said NO. Everytime Israel suggested negotiations with or without pre-conditions, the Palestinians said NO. Two Israeli prime ministers accepted to give the Palestinians the West Bank. Once, prime minister Ehud Barack, accepted to give 80% of the West bank to the Palestinians and Gaza strip for a country by the name of Palestine. The Palestinians said NO. Ehud Olmet, accepted to give them 100% of the West bank and Gaza strip, and full withdrwan of forces from those areas, but the Palestinians said NO. In 2005, prime minister Ariel Sharon, though he reached an agreement with the Palestinians, so he kicked thousands of Israelis from their homes in all of the Katif Block (was in Gaza strip) and north Samaria (north West Bank). But, after the people were kicked away, the Palestinians said "Umm.. NO, we will not stand on Jewish land". The one time the Palestinians said YES, it was kind of a yes, but not really one, is in the Oslo Accords. Israel gave the Palestinians the "Palestinian Natioanl Authority", Israel is supplying them with Electricity, Water, Money (together with the US), Communication networks, Internet, Police force and an independant media. The side of the Palestinians in the deal was to stop firing rockets, stop attacking Israelis, stop the anti-Zionist and anti-Semtic propaganda etc. Israel kept it's side of the deal, the Palestinians continued doing all of that and more.
The Gaza flotilla was not humanitarian aid. The Gaza flotilla was full with armed personnel shipping from Turkey to Gaza, thousands of knives, and hundreds of rifles. When the IDF requested the "humanitarians" and "peace activists" to port in the Ashdod port, the activists answered with "FUCK YOU" and continued sailing to Gaza. When the Israeli navy arrived and requested a permission to board peacefully, they navy received the same answer. Th "Humanitarians" started shooting or attacking the soldiers, and the Israeli Navy commando, Shayetet 13, borded the ship from the air. Before the first soldier set foot on the ship, the "peace acticists" started to stick knives into the soldiers and attack them with metal bars. The soldiers tried to detain the situation with peaceful matters, but when the guns came out it was too late. The "pacifists" and "peace activists" started to shoot the soldiers, injuring many. As a return, finally, the Israeli soldiers started to shoot too, and neutrilized 9 people. Even before the sail, some of the "peace activist" declared their intentions of becoming "Shahids" (Martyrs). After the whole thing was over, during the sail to the Ashdod port, the Israeli Navy offered food and drinks, and things to read on the Navy boat. When the "peace activists" go to Israel, they were detained and a day after were released.


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Pro-Israel, Anti-Palestinian terrorists, doesn't trust the United Nations Organization for the Liberation of Palestine, against a new Islamist terrorist state of Palestine - Knows the truth.

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God bless Israel! 
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I have a few questions:

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2) You point out Israeli children that were injured in Hamas terror attacks. I feel pain seeing children being injured. For your comment, it hurts you to see this too. And there's no excuse for doing such a cruel thing.
But children in Gaza get injured and killed too. How do you feel about them?

3) Do you think it is possible that Israel and Palestinians can live side by side peacefully? And if yes, to which conditions?
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I wanted to say this for so long to an Israeli:

As an American Christian, I love all Jews! You must have so much frustration towards so many people in this world blaming almost everything (literally everything) on you, even towards American Christians. I wanted to say that there are still a large portion of us that will always support you, our history has intertwined so much both politically and religiously. The Jews helped America rise as a nation and the Christians helped Israel rise as a nation. I follow the concept on how Christ loved Jews so much, even when they betrayed him, mocked him, persecuted him, he still loved them and died for them. I love Jews and all people like how Christ loved us all.
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